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3 cups


Fuerteventura Salt

Macerated Salts

Fuerteventura Salt

Mojo Salt


The Atlantic Ocean enriches our coasts with the North Atlantic current and the rise of a deep and cold current that makes our waters richer in sodium and elements such as Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Iodine among others.

The sun and the wind of Fuerteventura as the only additive that allow the evaporation of water, and after a process that remains traditional, we obtain a rich salt with an intense flavor and soft texture.

To all these attributes, we add fresh, premium ingredients. Lima, Chili, Curry, Wasabi and our star, Mojo Salt, are macerated for several weeks so that each grain of salt is full of flavor.

On fish, seafood, meat or salad add a rich and sophisticated flavor to any dish or cocktail.


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